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There are many different ways to improve your physique.  Using HIIT for fat loss is one of the more popular ways. I do agree with using High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or German Body Comp (GBC) to accomplish this feat.  However, before I explain why it works so well, you should know why it won’t work for everyone.

HIIT Is Not for Everyone

HIIT or GBC is very strenuous on the body, both hormonally and physically.  In a world of stress and processed food, a lot of people are a ticking time bomb. The stress of GBC can be the fuse that sets off this bomb.  Stress causes inflammation and the up-regulation of cortisol.  As inflammation increases through training, so does cortisol.  This isn’t a bad thing if your body is near equilibrium and there are no internal stressors causing additional stress.  However, if you are already stressed (internal and external) and then you throw in HIIT, it is a major disruption to the system.

Usually, you will see results during the first month as the body adapts.  After that first month, you may see a decline in body physique, mental acuity, and sleep. These are but a few examples. There can be many other symptoms.  These are signs that HIIT or GBC may not be a great fit for you at this time.  That doesn’t mean you can’t work out to achieve your goals.  What is does mean is that you need someone to guide you through a regimen that can elicit a positive response while reducing any stress on the body.

A Look Inside of a Workout

For those of you who are in great shape both mentally and physically, HIIT is a fantastic way to make gains.  These systems basically cause the body to increase lactic acid production.  This increase may give you a nauseous feeling either during or after the workout. A well-educated coach would further challenge your tolerance by alternating upper and lower body exercise to get the lactic acid moving both up and down the body.

What’s the big deal about lactic acid?  The production of lactic acid will encourage the body to make growth hormone.  Growth hormone is great at increasing size for men and decreasing fat for women.  This is a general statement based on the masses, and can certainly go both ways for both genders.

The following is an example workout that should be done with proper form and tempo.

Day 1

A1: DB Squats     4×15     5010     30 sec

A2:  DB Bench     4×15     3010     30 sec

A3:  DB Lunges   4×12     2010     30 sec

B1:  45 Degree Back Ext 4×15   2020   30 sec

B2:  Lat Pulldown            4×15   3010   30 sec

B3:  Leg Press                   4×20  2010   30 sec

Day 2 should be similar in style.  Do these in a split routine fashion for 6 workouts each.  Every third workout, decrease the reps by 2 and increase the weight.  Don’t be surprised if you need to clean up the floor at the end!



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