Are Breast Implants Safe?

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Are breast implants safe?

Breast Implants for Female Bodybuilders When it comes to modern-day figure and bikini competitions, it’s nearly impossible to find females who do not have breast implants (especially in pro-level shows). Sadly, many female competitors put little-to-no thought into what they’re doing to their bodies internally when they opt for silicone breast implants.  So this poses the question, “Are breast implants … Read More

Menopause Can Be Magical

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Menopause is one of many significant passages in a woman’s life. Like the beginning of adolescence, this can also be a time of discomfort, change, and resistance. While menopause is defined as the period after one-to-two years without menstruation, this span of time called perimenopause can be especially trying. Hot flashes, sweating, and a great sense of loss are common … Read More

How to Relieve PMS Bloating

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If there’s one part of PMS that almost every woman hates dealing with, bloating would be it. You’re already sensitive about your body weight and then PMS comes along and your pants are fitting even tighter than normal. While retaining water is, unfortunately, a common part of the PMS process, it’s not normal.  However, there are some great strategies that … Read More

How To Lose Weight

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Looking to finally shed the weight that you’ve put on over the last few years? If so, it all comes down to getting the right game plan in place. Far too many women don’t clearly define their plan before attempting their weight loss journey and this is the reason they fail to see results. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard part … Read More

Low Cost Supplements

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Low-Cost Supplements Thank you for the replys and questions!  The winning question is, “[What are some] fairly low-cost supplement and vitamin plans for a lady like me?  I’m a woman on a budget!” Supplements can be expensive and if you are on a budget, you need to choose the biggest bang for the buck! The number one supplement that you need to … Read More