How to Recover Post Competition

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  I get it. It can be so damn frustrating because all you want to do is get back to doing what you love but it feels like you’re body is betraying you post competition.   You feel like you’ve stopped making gains in the gym and you are feeling a serious lack of energy in your life.   So … Read More

4 Tips To Optimize Crossfit Performance

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As you get started with your Crossfit workout sessions, it’s important that you’re taking the time to look at what you can do to optimize your performance. Crossfit is a sport that requires a great deal of versatility in terms of your overall fitness skills, so do expect to get challenged on multiple levels. Knowing a few tips going into … Read More

Investigate Your Health

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What does it mean to investigate your health? We have all heard the stories, maybe from a close friend or a co-worker. It’s usually someone young who on the outside appears to be in good health.  All of a sudden they experience symptoms like insomnia, bloating, or maybe loss of their sex drive. They call their family doctor, schedule a … Read More

Does Creatine Work?

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There is plenty of research out there on creatine. Much of it both proves and disproves its use. It is most famous for its performance-enhancing claims and also it’s purported ability to add fat-free mass. However, from what I’ve seen in the real world, it works for some and not others. I can give you some guidelines based on the … Read More

Use Leucine to Boost Recovery

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Want the best way to recover post-workout?  Midway through and post-workout, use both leucine and carbohydrates with branched-chain amino acids. During exercise, the body both breaks down and releases leucine. It also goes into a negative balance of protein synthesis to protein breakdown. If you want to see results faster, supplementation is one of the best ways to help support … Read More

My Health Journey

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My Health Journey When I sat down to do my usual writing, I knew that I wanted to talk about my health journey for the benefit of others. I’m not sure how to start, so I guess I’ll just get to it. You see, I went through a period in my life where everything sucked. I had fatigue issues, libido … Read More

Thanksgiving Tips

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Thanksgiving Tips In the days before the gluttony begins, I want all of you to take a deep breath and remember that it’s okay to have some food porn in your life. Here are some quick tips to help you keep off the influx of calories: 1.  Pre-Thanksgiving workout– Take advantage of not having to go to work and get … Read More