What is the Microbiome?

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There is a lot of talk about leaky gut, but what is the gut and what holds it all together?  I want to give a quick overview of the gut and microbiome so you can better understand how things may fall apart. “We are what we eat.”  That is an old statement that seems to have been forgotten in this … Read More

How to Heal From a Leaky Gut

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What is Leaky Gut?  I am sure you have heard an overwhelming amount of information as it pertains to leaky gut and you have questioned yourself on how to heal?  Everyone should learn the positive ways in healing your leaky gut with natural remedies, for the most effective results. The lining of your gut begins to break down, allowing toxins … Read More

Naturally Improve Digestion

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How is your digestion? I ask this simple question multiple times each day, sometimes pausing for several minutes to give my patient the time to formulate a response. In a country plagued with obesity, food allergies, emotional eating, and ads selling us the biggest, best new fast food followed by skinny underwear models, it’s no wonder we have a skewed … Read More

Heal the Gut Naturally

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Do Your Favorite Foods Promote Gut Health? If you’re internet savvy, you’ve likely come across articles on fermented foods. However, while they may be trending on The Huffington Post, these nutrient-potent foods have been around for thousands of years. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and German cultures all contain fermented foods for health. For people living without both modern medicine and refrigeration, … Read More