Soaking Almonds

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Almonds are a great food source for many nutrients such as vitamin E, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. The brown skin around the nut is hard for the body to digest and also prevents absorption of nutrients.  Soaking the nut in purified water overnight before eating will help increase digestion. It also softens the skin and allows for better absorption. 

Recipe Ideas

After soaking and drying them off the nuts, you can toast or roast them for variety and also additional digestive assistance. Try making your own trail mix by throwing in a handful of other nuts. You can also add them sliced or whole to salads, or grind them up for a delicious alternative to breadcrumbs.

Packed with both protein and nutrients, these small nuts have a rich flavor and make a wonderful addition to any diet. Experiment with your favorite recipes to see how you can add them in for an extra crunch!

Yup, soaking almonds can make digestion easier, so go nuts and have fun!


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