Nuts and Heart Health

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Nuts and Heart Health

Eating nuts may reduce the chance of a cardiac event.  According to studies published by JAMA and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, compared to men who don’t eat nuts, “Dietary nut intake was associated with a significantly reduced risk of sudden cardiac death.”

Although the study did not recommend a specific quality of nut, I would recommend buying fresh, organic versions.  Avoid salted or flavored varieties that add unnecessary sodium and sugar. Keep them in an airtight container, preferably glass.  I suggest my clients to keep a mix of nuts with them to snack on as they are better than a processed bar and can help you avoid temptation like fast food or chips and candy. Toss a handful into a fresh salad for a protein-packed burst of flavor, or browse one of my recipes for a creative way to work your favorite nut into your diet.

Using Your Meals to Your Advantage

Keeping your heart healthy is a lot easier than you think. By making small changes like incorporating your favorite nut into your diet, you support your cardiac health and are one step closer to reaching your wellness goals. Each nut has its own flavor. Be sure to try a variety to find your favorite one. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and cashews are favorites. Be sure to steer clear of peanuts, which are not actually a type of nut, but a legume.


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