Low Cost Supplements

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Low-Cost Supplements

Thank you for the replys and questions!  The winning question is, “[What are some] fairly low-cost supplement and vitamin plans for a lady like me?  I’m a woman on a budget!”

Supplements can be expensive and if you are on a budget, you need to choose the biggest bang for the buck!

The number one supplement that you need to get is a digestive enzyme that contains Bentaine HCl and Pepsin.  Due to our busy lives (stress), environmental pollution and improper diets and/or source of food, over 90% of the population does not produce enough acid in the stomach to digest food.  This causes problems such as disruptive sleep patterns, malnutrition, and even skin rashes.

A digestive enzyme supplement, such as NOW Super Enzymes, helps to digest food and supplements ingested into the stomach.  If you cannot digest your food properly, then spending money on supplements will be a waste.

I use Charles Poliquin’s Biosignature method of determining how many pills to consume.  You take up to 7 pills during a meal.  During this process, you will be looking for a warm feeling in your belly, like you just drank hot tea.  Here is how the process works:

You will always take the dosage halfway through the meal.

Take 1 pill half way through your breakfast and then finish breakfast.
If you feel nothing, take 2 pills at lunch.
If you feel nothing, take 3 at dinner and so on until you feel warmth in your belly or up to 7 pills.

Once you feel the warmth, say at 6 pills, you know that you should be taking 5 pills with meals. Most people end up taking 5-7 pills because we are so deficient in producing HCl.

The second most important supplement will be a rotation between Omega-3 and a 3-6-9 fish oil.  Fish oils have been shown to decrease body fat, decrease inflammation and improve mental status.

The last supplement I would recommend is a good multi-vitamin.  Even if you eat healthy and organic, stress and environment take such a toll on our bodies that it is advantageous to supplement with other vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning… unless your doctor has told you otherwise.  Ladies, due to your monthly cycle, you should look for vitamins that contain some level of iron (speak with your doctor for personal needs).  I would also recommend a multi-vitamin that needs to be taken several times a day because our bodies cannot absorb a day’s worth of vitamins in a single pill.

Thanks for the questions, keep them coming and stay healthy!


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