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Looking to finally shed the weight that you’ve put on over the last few years? If so, it all comes down to getting the right game plan in place. Far too many women don’t clearly define their plan before attempting their weight loss journey and this is the reason they fail to see results.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard part for you and have come up with a 10 step guide that you can get started on today to ensure this is the year that you lose those 20 pounds.

Here’s what to know.

Step 1: Start Monitoring Your Calories

To get started, simply become more aware of how many calories you are taking in on a daily basis. Until you know approximately how much you are eating right now, it’s hard to know how to adjust your program.

Use a calorie tracking site such as to figure out your estimated daily calorie intake. Do this for five days straight and get the average.

Step 2: Get Lifestyle Active

Next, start focusing on moving more in everyday life. Remember that exercise doesn’t have to take place in the gym. It all adds up. Get up and walk to the bathroom on another floor, go talk to your co-worker, or go out for a brisk walk at lunch.

All are great ways to boost your total daily calorie burn.

Step 3: Control Your Calories

It’s also vital that you focus on controlling your calories. Once you have your total daily intake figured out, now you want to subtract around 250-500 calories from that to get your weight loss target calorie intake.

By monitoring your food consumption, you’ll put up your best chance of seeing the weight loss results you want. Nothing else is more important than achieving the right calorie balance.

Step 4: Feast On Protein

When it comes to your food choices, you must take in enough protein. Protein will help control your appetite levels, balance your blood sugar, and even give you a slight boost to your metabolic rate as well. It’s a win-win.

Great protein sources for the busy mom include eggs, low-fat, low sugar Greek yogurt, canned tuna, shrimp, as well as chicken breasts (which freeze great).

Turn to these more often and aim to get at least 10 grams of protein with each snack you eat and 20 grams per meal.

Step 5: Get More Produce Into Your Day

The next step is making sure that you are eating enough produce in your day. 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables is a must. Fruit is excellent finger food that you can just grab and go while vegetables are great for eating raw, steamed, or stir-fried with your main protein source.

Consider buying your vegetables pre-chopped to help save on time.

They’re excellent for fat loss because they add bulk to your diet plan, helping you feel less restricted overall.

Step 6: Strength Train

In terms of formal exercise, strength training is a must. If you have not yet jumped on the strength training bandwagon, now is definitely the time to start. Just 3, 20-30 minute sessions per week can produce excellent results in terms of boosting your resting metabolic rate, helping you burn fat, and helping to make a full body transformation as well.

Pick up some free weights from your local fitness store so that you can do this right in the comfort of your own home.

Step 7: Focus On Quality Sleep

One thing that most women overlook when it comes to fat loss is sleep. But, not sleeping enough can really influence what your body weight does. Those who aren’t sleeping enough tend to have a slower metabolic rate, tend to have a higher appetite, and tend to have less energy. All things that contribute to fat gain.

Make sleep a priority. It can be a challenge when you are busy, but do your best to get 7-8 hours each night.

Step 8: Master Meal Preparation

If you want to succeed with your weight loss goals, you must become a master of meal prep. Try cooking your food in bulk. This will save you time during those busy weeknights when you just don’t otherwise have time.

Designate one day per week to cooking and then make as much food as you can. Freeze some of it so that come Thursday, all you need to do is take it out of the freezer and you’re all set.

Step 9: Hydrate Wisely

The next step is to check your fluid intake. Are you getting 8-10 glasses of water each day? Or, does your fluid intake come from coffee, soda, and alcoholic beverages?

Start drinking more water. It’s the purest thing you can put into your body and the most beneficial way to help kick-start fat loss.

Be sure that you aren’t drinking your calories as most people simply won’t cut back on their food intake when doing so. If you are consuming 200-300 calories per day from liquids, this could be what’s behind your fat gain.

Step 10: Commit For Life

Finally, stop thinking in terms of a short-term diet. Start committing to eating healthy and exercising for life. It’s the single best way to ensure that you are going to adopt habits that will stand the test of time.

When you commit for good and make it a lifestyle approach, your entire attitude towards eating healthy and exercise will change for the better.

There you have 10 steps to use as you forge onward with your new program this year. Follow these and you’ll be looking at a brand new you in one year’s time.

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