Egg Whites or Egg Yolks

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Which is Healthier?

My clients in Scottsdale, AZ always have the best questions. Lately, I’ve been getting asked about egg whites or egg yolks. Old school trainers and coaches will tell you to eat only the egg white as it is pure and complete protein without all the fat found in the yolk.

Here are a few reasons why they are missing the boat:

First, eating fat does not make you fat. Don’t believe me? Google it. This article is about eggs, so I’ll get into that topic in a later article. Before you try and use a loophole, eating too much of anything can make you fat. Use some common sense before trying to be right.

Second, cholesterol. Avoiding dietary cholesterol can actually raise your body’s cholesterol. Eating dietary cholesterol can lower your cholesterol because your body isn’t freaking out about not having it in circulation. Recent studies have proven that consuming dietary cholesterol does not negatively influence levels in the body. You know what does? Sugar and wheat.

Third, the yolk contains all the nutrients you’re looking for through diet. Vitamin A, B12, and D are found in the yolk along with good omega-3 fats.

The fat in the yolk also slows digestion which is great for blood sugar management and feeling satiated longer. The result, you eat less of the bad stuff like crackers and chips.

There is a reason most people enjoy eating the whole egg, it tastes better! The old saying if it tastes good, it must be good for you DOES apply here. So the next time you fire up the stovetop to fry some egg whites, think about what you’re missing without the yolk. Try it, you just might like it!

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