Eat Real Food for Health

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Are Your Food Choices Supporting Your Health?

Losing weight is a popular topic of conversation.  We all want to lose weight, but we also want to look good.  Whether we’re at a restaurant, a bar, on a date, or having a casual conversation, it seems like it’s always in the back of our minds. Why has our society become so obsessed with our bodies? However, at the same time, finding real food and exercise seems like it’s too hard. It’s not the social norm.

Where Has Real Food Gone?

What lies behind the increased weight and disease in our country?  Well, changes in agriculture and how are food is produced are both laregely to blame. Between wheat hybridization, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), heavy use of pesticides, and the addition of both sugar and wheat to almost every food we eat, it is hard to identify exactly where this epidemic started.

All of these factors can be found in packaged and processed foods. It may seem like no food is safe. Your “healthy” protein bar is very similar to a candy bar with different names for sugar. Even a deli sandwich or gluten-free snack will contain one or all of the ingredients listed above.

The Intimate Art of Eating

In a world that never sleeps and is full of deadlines, we have taken the intimate act of eating and reduced it to something we get in when we can.  Most of what people eat today is what science fiction writers would have us eating in the future dark ages!  Processed foods that contain nutrients to survive.  Well, we are not there yet.

Where does that leave us?  This is where a lot os us start to shut down.  At this point, we feel like crap, we look like crap and all we do is talk about the crap we have to lose.

This is when I suggest eating real food for health. Suddenly it seems like the whole world stops as if I’m the crazy one.  You mean you want me to stop eating my protein bars for snacks?!  I shouldn’t be having Toaster Tarts in the morning for breakfast?!  What’s left for me to eat?!  It is amazing the reactions I get and suddenly, looking like crap isn’t so bad because who wants to give up Toaster Tarts?

Does This Mean You Have to Go Paleo?

OK, here’s the deal, real food is your answer.  All the “crazy” fad diets of Paleo, Primal, Mediterranean and Atkins all tell you to eat real food.  There are a few I didn’t mention because they allow you to eat processed food as long as you stay within the point system.  Stupid and lazy.  If you want to clean up and look good then you need to avoid all processed foods, period.  Anyway, those so-called fad diets are telling you to eat real food.  What is wrong with that plan?  Nothing, except that most people no longer remember how to do that.

The American diet has more than likely destroyed your gut health. You need to heal the gut as you move forward. You can find out how to do this by contacting a functional diagnostic nutritionist.  You’ll get a customized plan that’s made just for you.

30-Day Reset

What I recommend to my clients is starting out with a 30-day reset.  This is when you can take back control and start to point yourself in the right direction.  You can download this plan here.  Most will lose weight and feel better in these first 30 days.  If you don’t, then you’re not following it correctly or you have some other malfunction preventing you from healing. If this is the case, be sure to seek some help.

Real food is not that bad and once you start to pull away from the fake stuff, you will start to feel better. This is a process. Your body has become dependent on these artificial foods and like an addict coming off of drugs, you will feel withdrawal.  Fight through it or find someone to do this with as that will make it easier.  The time has come to stop talking about how you want to look and feel. Take action today!