Does Functional Medicine Work

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My mentor, Dr. Kalish, published his joint research study conducted in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic in May 2016.  This is the first step in proving that both Functional Medicine and the Kalish Method are effective.  There has been great progress in resolving gastrointestinal pathogens, stress markers (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal: HPA Axis) and also stress symptoms (depression, fatigue, anger, tension, confusion).

Functional Medicine Examined

The study talks about correcting the three body systems: hormonal, digestive and detoxification.  Studies show that restoring these systems is shown to have positive effects on stress, energy, fatigue, digestive issues, and also quality of life.  Treatment protocol is based on functional labs assessing salivary DHEA and cortisol implicating HPA axis dysregulation.  Testing will also include stool analysis to evaluate the possible presence of pathogens in the GI tract.

This is a really exciting study, so I’ve also included a link to download the PDF courtesy of Dr. Kalish.

Download the study here

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