Do Chiropractors Work?

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Playing any kind of sport offers great benefits. Participation in sports offers a way to increase both strength and fitness as well as a way to develop character. For both children and adults, athleticism lengthens life by keeping one active. However, injuries happen. Find out how chiropractors can get you back in the game in record time!

When You Can’t Afford to Sit Out

When sports also provide one’s livelihood, it becomes very important to recover from injuries fast.Professional players, amateurs, and parents value treatments that get their athletes back into action.

A recent study provides new evidence of the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic offers added helps to those playing rough and tumble forms of football. In Australia, two football clubs participated in a study to find out what chiropractic could do. For the purpose of the study, chiropractic was added to the regular recovery regimen of the players.

The Study

Fifty-nine qualified players were divided into two groups randomly. One group underwent the normal procedures to both prevent and treat lower body injuries. These common injuries include hamstring or lower limb muscle strains. The typical procedures usually include strength training, massage, and physiotherapy. The other group added a routine of chiropractic care to the mix.

Patients were treated at least once per week for the first six weeks of the season. Following the initial six weeks, treatment slowed down. However, players with injuries received more intensive treatment.


Chiropractors helped each player prevent injury and get back on the field sooner when injuries did occur. The group receiving chiropractic had a  4 percent chance of a hamstring injury compared with a 17 percent chance among the other players. They also had a 4 percent chance of lower limb muscle strain compared to a 28 percent chance among the non-chiropractic players. Clearly, this is a very big difference!

In addition, those receiving chiropractic care missed an average of 4 matches due to their injuries. However, 14 players in the second group suffered hamstring injuries and missed 21 matches due to lower limb muscle strains!

This is good news, and not just for those playing sports. For the parents of children who want to participate in sports programs, chiropractic care is a valuable resource. With chiropractic care, parents can help their children recover quickly from sports injuries or even help prevent these injuries in the first place!


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