How Cortisol Affects Performance

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How Cortisol Affects Performance The relationship between cortisol and performance is more interdependent than you might think.  They rely on one another for balance, and signal when there is an imbalance, showing adverse signs within your body. When your adrenal functions are working regularly, you can perform at your peak; however, when your adrenal functions are not optimal, then your … Read More

Does Functional Medicine Work

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My mentor, Dr. Kalish, published his joint research study conducted in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic in May 2016.  This is the first step in proving that both Functional Medicine and the Kalish Method are effective.  There has been great progress in resolving gastrointestinal pathogens, stress markers (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal: HPA Axis) and also stress symptoms (depression, fatigue, anger, tension, confusion). Functional … Read More

Does ZMA really work?

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  ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate) is a hot topic for debate. Many love to discuss whether it has a positive effect on both muscle growth and testosterone production.  There have been studies with results proving both sides of the debate, so who is right? Let’s break it down and you can be the judge.  We will start with Zinc. Zinc … Read More

Mold Worsens Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

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How Clean Are Our Homes? While some of us are getting ready for spring cleaning, this information may be shocking as we start to “clean” our homes. Despite routine household cleaning, a new study found mold is thriving in many U.S. homes — often at levels high enough to trigger allergy and asthma attacks. One hundred sixty homes were surveyed … Read More

Nuts and Heart Health

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Nuts and Heart Health Eating nuts may reduce the chance of a cardiac event.  According to studies published by JAMA and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, compared to men who don’t eat nuts, “Dietary nut intake was associated with a significantly reduced risk of sudden cardiac death.” Although the study did not recommend a specific quality of nut, I … Read More