Blood Chemistry Analysis for Performance

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Blood Chemistry Analysis for Performance

Blood chemistry analysis is the frontline tool I use to help improve performance for my clients.  It is easy for my clients to get blood drawn and it is a familiar lab for most people.

What is Blood Chemistry Analysis?

The ODX Blood Chemistry Software program was developed to analyze a person’s blood chemistry and CBC screens in order to detect major deficiencies in the body and assess his/her state of functional wellness. The thought process behind this mechanism is based off of Dr. Dicken Weathersby’s best-selling book, “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis”, which he completed after many years of practice and research. Dr. Weathersby is a leading expert in the field of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, and his work is world-renowned. As such, his book is used across the field for analyzing blood test results.

After years of research, practice, and development, Dr. Weathersby designed and released the Blood Chemistry Software program for practitioners. This allows health care practitioners to more easily extract necessary functional information from their clients’ blood tests. Using this software, those in the field of optimizing performance are better equipped to analyze this information, using it as a tool to assist in accurately reporting back to their clients.

How Does Blood Chemistry Analysis Work?

The cutting-edge Blood Chemistry Analysis tool examines a blood sample, identifying and analyzing patterns that could be lost or overlooked in conventional analysis. Knowing these patterns, allows the practitioner to determine a client’s general state of wellness, considering all of the major body systems. With this knowledge, the program provides personalized recommendations for future health care, revealing any imbalances and directing attention to any potential long-term risks.

When a client comes from blood chemistry analysis, he/she will have their blood drawn. After being analyzed in a lab, the results are entered into the software. The algorithm installed in the software then identifies and analyzes the individual’s biomarkers using a carefully crafted set of scoring rules, probabilities, weighting, inferences, and uncertainty measures.

The blood chemistry analysis can be tailored to produce specific reports, depending on what a client or practitioner is looking for. The system can detect nutritional deficiencies, check the status of the functional systems of the body, and provide insight and recommendations for how to proceed with care.

The Analysis Advantage

Using this software is a huge advantage for clients because now the practitioner can determine what further testing is needed instead of ordering tests the client may not need.

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