4 Tips To Optimize Your Training Program

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Looking to lose weight? Perhaps you simply want to feel sexier in the body you have. Or maybe, you are looking to have more energy for all the little things that you want to take on each day. Learn to optimize your training program to make your workouts work for you!

Learning how to optimize your training program is a must in order to see the results you are after. Chances are, you are busy enough as it is,

The last thing you want is a workout that is getting you mediocre results. When you hit the gym, you want to ensure every second counts and is going to offer the highest payoff possible.

Let’s look at a few tips on how to optimize your training program so that you can achieve all of the effects noted above.

Time Those Rest Periods

After you finish a set of your weight lifting exercises, do you typically check your SmartPhone for social media updates? Chat with the person next to you? Or maybe you take the time to head to the water fountain for a drink of water.

Whatever the case, you need to get serious about monitoring your rest periods. Allow yourself too long between sets and this will seriously compromise the intensity of your workouts and the fat burning effects you get.

From now on, keep your rest periods to no more than 90 seconds between compound exercises and 60 seconds on isolation moves.

Focus On Compound Lifts

Speaking of compound lifts, this is the next way to optimize your training program. Focusing on these exercises is an absolute must because they will get you the best results for your time invested. Rather than working just a single muscle group as you do with isolation movements, you’ll work multiple muscles all at once with this compound exercise.

Bench press, deadlifts, squats, bent over rows, shoulder presses, pull-ups, and lunges are what you want to focus on. Once those are in your workout routine, then you can move on to the isolation exercises you want to do.

Interval Train

As far as cardio goes, if you have not yet gotten started with interval training, now is the time to do so. No exercise is going to work your body at the same intensity level as interval training and help kick-start your metabolic rate for optimal fat loss.

With interval training, you can burn fat faster for 48 hours following the workout session, yielding superior results.

Alternate intense work periods of 15-30 seconds with active rest periods of around 30-60 seconds in length. Usually, you want to have rest periods twice the length of your interval period for optimal recovery.

And remember, you don’t necessarily have to be on the bike, elliptical, or treadmill to do interval training. You can just as easily do it with bodyweight exercises such as burpees, jump squats or lunges, or mountain climbers.

Know When To Rest

Finally, last but not least, know when to rest. If you are feeling a serious lack of energy in your life, it could be because of too little down time for rest and recovery.

This is important not only from a physical standpoint to let your body recover from the exercises you are doing, but also from a psychological standpoint as well. Those who don’t give themselves downtime each week are far more prone to feeling burnout and exhaustion, which can seriously cramp your energy level on a daily basis.

Once per week, set aside a few hours to do nothing but relax. Take a bath, watch a movie, or read a book. Consider this ‘you’ time that will help you recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

So there you have a few ways to get your exercise program optimized so that you see the best possible results moving forward. Are you missing out on any of these factors in the equation?

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